Arbe announced the launch of Phoenix, its automotive 4D imaging radar beta product. This new front-end system, powered by Arbe’s proprietary chipset technology, enables evaluation and development towards production and full commercialization of 4D imaging radar for all levels of vehicle autonomy. The company claims that Phoenix provides an image 100 times more detailed than other top industry radars, offering superior separation of stationary and moving objects in real-time.

Arbe will present Phoenix at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Phoenix proprietary chipset aims to leverage the advanced 22nm RF CMOS process. This allows a breakthrough in radar performance by:

  • Delivering an image 100 times more detailed
  • Doubling radar sensitivity
  • Reducing false alarms through advanced algorithms and unparalleled channel separation
  • Separating small and large objects through a high dynamic range
  • Providing clear boundaries of stationary and moving objects

Additionally, by leveraging the 22nm RF CMOS process, Phoenix dramatically reduces costs while consuming the lowest power per channel in the industry.