Aptera has announced plans to integrate openpilot, a third-party ADAS, into its forthcoming solar electric vehicles.

With the system, Aptera drivers will benefit from a variety of assisted driving features – including adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and forward collision warning. These functions and more are enabled by openpilot’s machine learning capabilities, which it leverages to register and process driver behaviors.

Here, the end-to-end system captures and sends camera data into a driver model, while a driving path is sent to the vehicle. This allows it to adapt, and accordingly respond, to a variety of on-road scenarios – such as moving away from semi-trucks on the highway or staying correctly positioned on roads with no lane lines.

Over time, Aptera expects that the system will also be able to independently take exits and recommend lane changes that follow the user’s selected navigation route. Aptera is currently working on the details of how openpilot will be integrated into their vehicles. The EV start-up expects several validation steps to be completed before its Launch Edition vehicles enter production.