The next generation of autonomous vehicles will mimic how human eyes focus on and evaluate road conditions by leveraging AEye and ANSY technologies. AEye is incorporating ANSYS’ industry-leading simulation solutions into the design of its Intelligent Detection and Ranging (iDAR) platform — enabling customers to reduce physical prototyping and improve the safety and reliability of autonomous systems.

Safeguarding autonomous driving requires next-generation sensors to quickly and correctly interpret certain hazardous road scenarios that cannot be reliably detected by conventional perception platforms. To validate the sensors’ effectiveness, exhaustive road testing must be successfully completed —demanding significant development time and expenses. With ANSYS, AEye empowers automotive manufacturers to potentially simulate driving situations across millions of miles in just days, minimizing physical prototyping.

AEye is implementing ANSYS SPEOS and ANSYS VRXPERIENCE, a state-of-the-art driving simulation tool with physics-based sensor models, into the design of AEye’s iDAR — empowering customers to quickly test and certify iDAR designs within a realistic virtual driving environment. AEye’s automotive-grade iDAR combines deterministic and AI-driven perception to deliver detection and classification at high speed and far range not possible for conventional LiDAR or camera sensors. Through the integration, automotive customers deploying autonomous vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will be able to virtually prototype AEye’s software-definable, agile LiDAR to simulate exactly how they want to sense their environment.