Uber sets up an AI lab in Toronto

Amid the legal battle with Google (Waymo), Uber has announced the expansion of its self-driving operations in Canada.

According to an official blog posted by Uber’s chief executive Travis Kalanick, the company has hired Raquel Urtasun- a professor at the University of Toronto and renowned AI-expert to lead its autonomous driving efforts in Canada. Urtasun will be in-charge of Uber’s Advanced Technology Group, which is the company’s first-ever outside US. Racquel will also complement Uber’s extensive R&D on AI which is the heart of its self-driving operations underway in Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

The new center has been put up at the MaRS Discovery Street which is emerging as a next big hub for AI research in Canada, thanks to the efforts from government authorities and institutions. Uber is also planning to build a dedicated team with dozens of researchers in order to stay connected to the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor.

In addition, Uber has become the “Platinum Sponsor” of the Vector Institute that aims to produce world’s largest number of deep learning AI graduates

Shamik Ghosh, SBD