TomTom AutoStream to power Baidu’s autonomous driving platform Apollo

TomTom (TOM2) and Baidu have announced an extension to their collaboration on high definition (HD) maps for autonomous driving.

TomTom’s HD Map and TomTom AutoStream will be pre-integrated into Baidu’s open autonomous driving platform, Apollo, enabling developers to access the latest TomTom HD Map data, to accelerate the production of autonomous driving products.

TomTom AutoStream is a map delivery service for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems. It enables vehicles to build a horizon for the road ahead by streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud. By ensuring that the map used to power advanced driving functions is always the latest, TomTom AutoStream enhances driver comfort and safety.

TomTom’s HD Map is a revolutionary digital map product aimed at making automated vehicles safer and more comfortable by complementing sensors, powering accurate localization and enabling path planning. TomTom’s HD Map already covers the USA, Western Europe and Japan with over 380,000 km of highways and interstates mapped. With leading coverage of HD Maps and advanced mapmaking technologies, TomTom is helping realise the autonomous driving vision.

First announced in April 2017, Apollo is Baidu’s open autonomous driving platform, which provides a comprehensive, secure, and reliable all-in-one solution supporting all major features and functions of an autonomous vehicle. Apollo aims to build a collaborative ecosystem for companies to work together and to promote the development and spread of autonomous driving technology.

By pre-integrating the TomTom HD Map and TomTom AutoStream into Baidu’s Apollo platform, TomTom and Baidu are setting a worldwide standard for HD Maps.

Source: TomTom