STEER brings autonomous parking system to Merriweather District in Columbia MD

STEER has built the first fully-autonomous parking technology to transform everyday cars into driverless vehicles. The first application of STEER’s technology is a Level 4, highly autonomous and cybersecure parking solution – drivers simply exit the car at a destination, and the car parks itself in a designated parking lot. When consumers are ready to go, just summon the car via a mobile app.


  • First and only Level-4, highly-autonomous parking solution
  • Transforms everyday cars into driverless vehicles that self-park in designated lots
  • First to market a full plug + play through native autonomous control platform
  • STEER uses existing technology in vehicle and will not override the system
  • STEER is built-in with fail-safe technology
  • Compatible in models 2012 or newer

The Merriweather District, a Howard Hughes Corporation project, will be the first high-density, mixed-use neighborhood to adopt STEER and power a truly tech-forward experience for residents, businesses and consumers.

Source: Steer