Samsung gets approval for autonomous car testing

According to recent media reports, Samsung Electronics has received a license from the South Korean government to carry out autonomous vehicle testing on public roads in South Korea.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) announced last year that they had revised regulations to allow testing of autonomous vehicles. Latest news reports say that it gave Samsung Electronics permission to do a test run. Although there are no official press releases either by Samsung or MOLIT, the news gives an edge to Samsung which is working on self-driving car technologies.

This development will make Samsung Electronics the 19th company to receive a license to test driverless cars on public roads, Hyundai motors being the first.

As Samsung Electronics does not build vehicles, its self-driving tests will use a Hyundai commercial vehicle equipped with software and hardware technologies including cameras, LiDAR and RADAR built by Samsung.

As reported previously by SBD, South Korea: Samsung plans test track for driverless cars , Samsung has already built a test bed for autonomous vehicles in Gyeonggi, South Korea. This, together with their approval to test these vehicles on the public roads should lead to interesting developments.

Suhas Gurumurthy, SBD