Netradyne Announces One Million Miles of Data Recorded by its Driveri™ Vision-Based Safety Platform

Netradyne, Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence and IoT systems, announced that its Driveri™ vision-based safety platform has collected over one million miles of captured and analyzed data. Through Netradyne’s Early Adopter Program, the company reached the million mile mark in the first six months of operation. The substantial amount of data collected by the A.I.-based system provides valuable insight into vehicle and driver behavior and provides continued data for the systems to learn and adapt on across many environments and operating conditions.

Driveri™ is the only system that captures and analyzes video data every minute the vehicle is driving, allowing Netradyne to easily reach the one million-mile mark within the first six months of their Early Adopter program. The amount of data collected by Driveri™ will exponentially increase as more customers deploy the commercially available platform. Unlike legacy video systems that are solely triggered by an inertial-based event, Driveri™ uses advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms to monitor a host of vision based safety events; including traffic light conditions, stop sign compliance, pedestrian interactions, seat belt utilization, dynamic following distance, and relative speed to traffic. In addition to the vision-based events, Driveri™ is finely tuned to capture and analyze inertial-based events such as hard-braking, acceleration, turns, and high gForce events. The million-mile achievement provides an unprecedented value proposition for fleet customers, providing fleet managers with, in some cases, 50 times more valuable information than legacy video recorders since these systems can miss important events such as traffic light violations, which have no inertial “trigger.” This allows for increased opportunity for recognition, context and clarity for best practices coaching.

Driveri™ is equipped with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson TX1, which allows the platform to not only capture unprecedented amounts of data, but analyze it quickly and efficiently, providing context to fleet managers around various driving situations as they are happening over a 4G LTE connection.

“The application of AI and deep learning has many real-world benefits, including safer roads,” said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at NVIDIA. “Jetson packs high performance into a small, power-efficient form factor so Netradyne can quickly process complex data with its Driveri platform.”

Driveri™ is a vision-based safety platform for commercial vehicles that uses four Quad-HD cameras to provide a view of the road similar to the driver’s perspective. The device uses a TeraFLOP processor capable of one trillion calculations per second and Artificial Intelligence to analyze driver behavior and then relay this data to fleet managers in near real time.

Source: Netradyne