IAA 2017: HELLA Aglaia and NXP reveal open vision platform for autonomous driving

HELLA Aglaia and NXP are expanding their current ADAS car vision platform with artificial intelligence (AI) capability in 2018. HELLA Aglaia’s ADAS platforms include NXP’s S32 and i.MX auto-grade processors, enabling a safe, scalable and complete range of front vision NCAP functionality, allowing OEMs to deploy in the volume car segment. The next step in the cooperation is to add artificial intelligence for automated driving to this innovative modular setup. This will offer system integrators and carmakers unprecedented design flexibility while complying with stringent ASIL requirements.

Many of today’s available vision platforms are closed and proprietary, inhibiting further software integration. From a system integrator and carmaker perspective this effectively “locks out” the ability to innovate and combine the best available sensor technology and software sources in the market. HELLA and NXP’s cooperation and joint development work is based on the conviction that camera-based platforms must be open and safe to enable NCAP functions and level 3 to 5 automated driving.

Source: NXP