BYTON K-Byte concept vehicle makes global premiere ahead of CES Asia

BYTON aspires to build premium intelligent electric vehicles for the future.

BYTON has unveiled its Premium Sedan Concept in Shanghai called the BYTON K-Byte Concept. It is a three-box sporty sedan fitted with integrated and retractable sensors that strike a fine balance between aesthetics and real-world practicality.

BYTON has partnered with Aurora to develop a Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving program. L4 is defined as a state where the car can operate without human input or oversight but only under specific select conditions. By the end of 2020, the two companies will have a fleet of prototype vehicles with L4 autonomous driving capabilities ready for testing, in preparation for L4-ready mass production and delivery.

Sensor integration for autonomous driving is front and center within the K-Byte Concept’s design aesthetic. The bow-shaped BYTON LiBow system integrates front and rear lidar sensors to allow for a full-view panoramic scan of the vehicle’s surroundings.

BYTON’s retractable LiGuards side lidar system is located below the side-view cameras. The system will deploy in autonomous driving mode to ensure driving safety and retract automatically during parking maneuvers; moreover, these lidars can all be illuminated for a range of specific purposes, such as signaling pedestrians.

BYTON’s retractable LiGuards side lidar system is located below the side-view cameras.

The K-Byte Concept underscores BYTON’s new product-naming strategy, wherein the company will use the term “Byte” to label its planned series of three products that are built on a shared platform. In addition to the BYTON K-Byte Concept, its SUV previously announced in January 2018 has been named the BYTON M-Byte Concept. The naming strategy is derived from the company’s name, which stands for “Bytes on Wheels,” symbolizing the digital power of BYTON’s offerings and the brand’s vision for a connected, mobile life.

Source: Byton