Baidu and Asia Mobility Industries launch “Apollo SE Asia” program in Singapore

Baidu, Inc. and Singapore technology conglomerate Asia Mobility Industries (AMI) have announced the establishment of “Apollo Southeast Asia”, a Singapore-based joint venture focused on supporting advanced mobility projects through direct investment, technology exchange, establishment of research programs, and the commercialization of Baidu’s autonomous driving technologies in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

Baidu and AMI will also launch a USD200 million technology fund focused on strategic opportunities in the SEA region across the full spectrum of autonomous driving and intelligent transportation. Leveraging existing resources in the ASEAN region, the fund aims to upgrade existing transportation infrastructure and further smart mobility research and development regionally. Through the fund, Apollo Southeast Asia aims to attract strategic partners in participating and supporting Apollo, Baidu’s open autonomous driving platform regionally.

Singapore-based AMI is a privately-held technology conglomerate specialized in Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence. Its subsidiary IUGO Systems is currently working with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and regional partners in implementing cross-border mobility solutions to improve commuter experience and smart mobility infrastructure.

Baidu has been heavily investing into AI technologies and applications including conversational devices, fintech and autonomous driving. As the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, it has access to one of the world’s largest markets and consumer database. Apollo is an open platform that provides a comprehensive, secure, and reliable all-in-one solution that supports all major features and functions of an autonomous vehicle. Through the Apollo platform Baidu aims to accelerate the pace of innovation in autonomous driving by promoting open capabilities, shared resources and sustained mutual benefit with partners.

Source: Baidu